At least 10 reasons to visit Great Britain (9)

#09 – The subtlety and expressiveness of the (British) English language. Remarkably enough, it was a toilet (!) where I read my all-time favourite English sentence. The restrooms of that particular holiday home – located in a rural area – weren’t connected to the public sewage system, so that waste water went into a soakaway beside the premises. Regarding this, there was a sign above the lavatory saying «You are kindly requested not to put anything down the toilet that hasn’t been eaten first«.

Nevermore did I encounter a sign with a more perfect combination of unambiguity, politeness and humour. And I believe that English is the perfect language for this to achieve.

If you like the sign, you can order a slightly different version of it here (German Online Shop).

Photo: © Leo Reynolds | Some rights reserved

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  1. Ich erinnere mich nicht an den genauen Wortlaut, aber ein Schild mit derselben Aussage auf Deutsch hängt auf der Toilette der Rickmer Rickmers.

    1. Da würde ich doch zu gern wissen, ob die deutsche Fassung bei der sprachlichen Eleganz mithalten kann. Ich zweifle daran. Erste Googleversuche waren erfolglos, aber ich bleibe dran …

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